Hair Nets

Doggy Hair Nets

DoggyHairNets are made of a lightweight ventilated mesh net and are designed to control shedding hair & comfort dogs with anxiety. DoggyHairNets can be worn for as long as necessary with no problems!

How Doggy HairNets Works

DoggyHairNet™ calms and relaxes some dogs that are excessively hyper with high anixety!

DoggyHairNets™ are made of a light mesh net material that allows the dogs great comfort and mobility, as it safely captures the shedding hair. DoggyHairNets™ give you total control over shedding hair. You can dress your friend in a DoggyHairNets™ for as long as you want. Because of the light mesh fabric. DoggyHairNets™ can be worn comfortably and safely for hours on hours.There is no limit …it’s all up to you! AND… DoggyHairNet™. helps protect your dog against fleas, ticks, and grass allergies!


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