The DoggyHairnets Story

Doggyhairnets was founded in 2010 by Freddy Rembert and Debbie Rembert. Doggyhairnets are designed to give your dog comfort, flexibility, and you the owner, more freedom from that dreaded shedding hair. DoggyHairnets’ home office is located in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park.

Would you like to know how the concept of DoggyHairnets came about? Okay, here’s a short story of the birth of DoggyHairnets: One summer day in 2010, my wife and I decided to add a new member to our small family of two. I had been softy pleading my case to Debbie (wife) about getting a dog, and finally my plan was becoming a reality. We visited several animal shelters here in Chicagoland. It took only two stops to find the second love of my life, Macie (shown below with leopard print)! Macie is a German Sheppard mixed with pit bull. She is awesome!

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