Buddy came to us one rainy day. No one claimed him so he became part of the family.  The only problem was the shedding. I started searching on the internet  for a solution and found Fred’s site. It took me a few tries to get the correct size, but with Fred’s help and patience I found what I needed.  Love the product and the customer service was awesome.  Just placed another order!

J Youngcourt, Tennessee


Mason and me

Someone asked me a while ago how I control pet hair. If you have a dog that sheds, like my boxer, basically a lot of vacuuming, sweeping, and purchasing the fat packs (much better deal) of Lint Rollers from Costco. For my car, I bought car seat covers, both the full canvas cover as well as the hammock type for the back seat. Those help. I thought about inventing a type of outfit for my dog so I could put him in it, and not worry too much about hair clean up in my car. Then I came across this petnets site. I purchased one and I love it! I use it on my dog when I take him for a ride in my car…definitely reduces the shedding hair factor, so the clean up is easier. Although the dogs stay cool in the hairnet, I wouldn’t leave it on a dog unattended, or for more than a simple car ride or visit to a picky friend’s house. Freddie, the inventor of this product, is awesome and offers great customer service. I thought I’d pass this info along to anyone looking for another option to reduce shedding hair

N.Brozowksi, California

Lucy posing


Lucy lookin’ gooood

The DoggyHairNet™ works great! I’ve ordered several!:)

Cindy V., Toledo, OH


I received the DoggyHairNet™ for my little dog Keno. She sheds hair and also is allergic to grass. I was thinking what can I do to stop this. I thought of a long tee shirt. Then there was your ad about this cute outfit for stopping hair shedding. It is like you read my mind. This sounds great. I can use this for both. I ordered it.

The quality of the DoggyHairNet™ is very good. Using netting, lace and a zipper. The outfit works wonders. So far her rash is very little and seeing less hair in my home. I love it and would recommend this to every dog owner who has trouble with their dog shedding. And she really looks cute and she does not seem to mind wearing it.

Pat C., Dearborn, Mi


Got my DoggyHairNet™ and it fits and works Great!

Angel A., California



Capone is hefty but seems to love his DoggyHairNet™

J.Dugger, New York

Jasmine in her DoggyHairNetHi! My name is Jasmine. My mom & I love my doggy hairnet! As you can see
from the picture, I look beautiful in it–even more than
usual, Mom says—and since I get anxious, I am a lot more calm &
comfortable when wearing it. Besides enjoying how I look in it, Mom,
loves how much less hair there is to vacuum when I wear my doggyhairnet.
Thank you for thinking of such a neat product!
Woofs and kisses,