Do Dogs Really Hate Cats?

Posted by Doggy World on 5/30/2016

 Dogs and Cats

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In nature, dogs and cats arenâ€â„¢t natural enemies nor do they automatically hate each other. They mostly stay separate and donâ€â„¢t even have anything to do with one another, so itâ€â„¢s not that they are natural friends either. However, theyâ€â„¢re forced to interact when we bring them home as pets. The hostility we often see between dogs and cats has more to do with their personality as a species than the fact that they want to prey on one another. They just see and interact with the world differently, and these different styles just happen to be conflicting.

It's All Good

Thereâ€â„¢s an old saying â€Ëœfighting like cats and dogsâ€â„¢ but like many old sayings it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Iâ€â„¢ve been a pet lover all my life and have often shared my home with both dogs and cats simultaneously so Iâ€â„¢m well aware that the two do not always have a peaceful cohabitation. Itâ€â„¢s not really that dogs hate cats, or cats hate dogs, or they hate each other, however. Itâ€â„¢s more because they have distinctively different natural instincts and their behaviors contrast with each other.

Dogs and cats have opposite social styles. Cats tend to be loners, independent, and cautious while dogs are sociable, love to play, and enjoy being with people and other animals. Dogs tend to rush into situations while cats prefer to creep in more warily. The bold antics of the dogs are enough to make cats leery.

Then you have body language. To a dog, a wagging tail is a sign of friendship and happiness, but when a cat sees a wagging tail, he takes it as a warning. Cats switch their tails when theyâ€â„¢re angry or annoyed. If a dog approaches a cat with its tail wagging, the cat sees that as aggressive behavior and will often feel the need to run away or defend itself. Dogs are natural hunters and running tells the dog itâ€â„¢s time to play so he starts chasing the cat. Game on!